The Misty is located in the small boat harbor out on the spit in Homer. Drive through town and out onto the spit. When you see a big circle hook, this signals to turn left on freight dock road. Once on freight dock road, follow the road around past the boat launch. You will see public bathrooms on the right. Turn into gravel parking lot. The Misty is located on the first ramp (6), walk down ramp turn to the right and walk until you are able to take a left. This is called DD, the misty is parked at DD slip 06, located a few boats down to your right. I will surely be there awaiting your arrival. If you get lost you may call.

Departure time is 5:00am. Please be mindful of the time, the tide waits for no man, and the other guests shouldn’t have to either. Make sure you bring your snacks for the day, whatever you would like to drink (responsible drinking is acceptable) and rain gear if it’s raining. We have no scheduled return time. I try to get back to the dock by 5pm, sometimes this is earlier and sometimes it’s later. Details and changes can be discussed on the trip.


All of your fish will be filleted at the end of the day and either given to you to take home, or the fish processing runners will  come to the boat to retrieve your fish and take it to get vac packed, frozen, and boxed for airplane or shipping at their facility. You may look at Homer Fish Processing website to get price info. Or I will have that on the boat with invoices to fill out so you make sure you get the fish back that you caught. It’s a smooth, easy process, and you never even have to touch the fish if you don’t want to. Any questions about processing can be talked about in further detail on the trip. Now let’s go kill some fish!

Buttwhackers Fillet Company

Sirens Call Charters

PO Box 642
Kasilof, AK   99610

Phone: 907-953-6791


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